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Striving towards ecofriendly living

Projects: Welcome
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COVID-19 Exigency


5th May 2020

Strategic Partners

Garbage Free India

Details of project

Slim Homes, in partnership with Garbage Free India, collaborated with Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon, District Administration office of Gurgaon, and helped make and distribute face masks to the marginalized communities during the ration drives.

Our Impact

  • Distribution of ~500 masks free of cost.

  • Leftover fabric was upcycled to make masks.

  • Local tailors got to earn their daily wages during the lockdown.

  • Sale of masks at subsidized rates.

Completed Project

Adopted a Park


Jan 2019

Strategic Partners

Vasant Kunj Resident Welfare Association (RWA)

Details of project

Slim Homes adopted a park in D-3/4 Vasant Kunj and bought plants that were planted by the RWA appointed gardeners. 

Our Impact

  • We planted ~50-60 air purifying plants like "Erica palm", "Kaner", "Morepankhi", Bamboo etc

  • Proceeds from the Slim Home Garage Sales were also used to remunerate the gardeners for their efforts. 

  • By 15th March 2019, Slim Homes had adopted and ‘greened’ the Park.

Completed Project

Mini Urban Forest (Laghu Van)


8th March 2020

Strategic Partners

Ms. LatikaThukral of IAMGURGAON

Mr. Sohail Madan, an Ecologist at Bombay Natural History Society

Details of project

The layout of the forest was planned on the 13th of August by Mr. Sohail Madan. An area of ~3000 sq. feet was fenced off from the adjacent plots to create the "mini forest". Saplings were procured from the nursery at the Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon as well as from the local nursery.

Our Impact

  • Planted ~115 saplings to create a mini Forest. 

  • All saplings have taken root and are being nurtured by a ‘Maali’ and their progress is being closely monitored by the Residents, who are invested in the Forest.


Waste Segregation& Composting program

According to the estimates of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Delhi generates about 8,700 tonnes per day of solid waste as of 2019. Official estimates predict that in five years the waste produced by the city will almost double to 18,000 tonnes a day.


Kick-started in Sector D3/4 of Vasant Kunj on 15th August 2018

Strategic Partners

Well-being Out of Waste (WOW)

Swayam Swachatta Initiative Limited (SSIL)

Details of project

Residents are recommended to segregate their waste. The wet waste segregated at source by the Householders is put to compost by the gardeners in pits as well as in 2 composters installed by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC). Field workers from WOW, and currently SSIL, have been shadowing the process. In South City 1 of Gurgaon, 2 pilot projects of community composting have been kick-started in Blocks B & D.

Our Impact

  • The percentage of householders segregating waste at source, has risen to more than 80% in Sectors D-3/D-4. (~750 occupied flats)

  • Following an awareness talk held on Oct 2020, the RWA of C-9, Vasant Kunj ~900 flats, also wants to engage in community composting. Awareness programs for these Residents are scheduled in the coming weeks.


Plastic Away


2nd October 2019

Strategic Partners

Garbage Free India (GFI)

KK Plastics, to which the Plastic waste is routed.

Details of project

Since January 2020, Slim Homes & GFI worked with condominiums & Societies across Gurugram to divert plastic waste away from Landfills towards road construction. 

Our Impact

The plastic waste has been used to create the following stretches of roads:

  • National Highway- Laid 2 km of 6 lanes in Delhi-Meerut Expressway.

  • 1 km in Sohna Road.

  • 2 km in Delhi Cantt.

  • In all their recent projects, KK Plastics has been using the plastic waste that we have been sending to their plant. As of October 2020, we have sent over ~11,000kg of mixed plastic waste (HVP, LVP, MLP) to KK Plastics.

  • A march was organized in Sector D3/4 of Vasant Kunj, against the use of Single-use plastic (SUP).

Nursery Image 1.jpg



6th June 2020

Strategic Partners

Prakhil Greens plant supplier

Cut & Style Salon in South City 1 Gurgaon

Roots salon in Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Details of project

Slim Homes has 2 Nurseries on the premises of two Salons, one each in Delhi and Gurgaon. Clients are encouraged to make an investment in Earth by taking our little saplings (see "more details" for list of saplings) home and contributing a little of their pockets towards our vision of seeing a greener planet.

Our Impact

  • We are creating awareness among Residents, about the importance of plants as part of the ecosystem. Having them adopt saplings reinforces this concept.

Water aerater cover.jpg

Installation of Water Aerators


Started Oct 2020

Strategic Partners

Rotary Club of Delhi, South East, RI Distt. 3011

Details of project

To minimize wastage of water, Slim Homes aims to work with the Rotary Club of Delhi, South East by distributing water aerators. Awareness regarding the importance of saving water will be created using posters made by Slim Homes. These will be circulated by the RWAs of Vasant Kunj as well as other localities in Delhi NCR. 

Our Roadmap:

  • Water Aerators, in packs of 3, with capabilities of saving water up to 80%, will be sold at the cost price of Rs. 100/- amongst the residents 

  • So far we have created posters to drive awareness campaigns within Vasant Kunj & Gurgaon area. We have also sold 708 aerators thus far to residents of Delhi & Gurgaon.


Lake Restoration Project – Smriti Van Lake


Slim homes started looking at Smriti Van Lake restoration around 28th Nov 2019.

Details of project

The plan to restore the lake would be carried out in phases. The restored Lake, in addition to reducing air and water pollution, would provide natural wildlife habitat to birds and aquatic life, thus balancing out the ecosystem.

On the 11th of September 2020, Slim Homes participated in an on-site visit wherein people from the Landscape Department, DDA, as well as a Consultant from Wetlands International South Asia (WISA), were present.

The surrounding green cover would also be included in the purview of the Project. Smriti van, Vasant Kunj has been taken for restoration under the "Restoration of 100 wetlands" scheme initiated by the Ministry of Environment.

Our Roadmap

  • Slim Homes will be kept informed about the progress regarding the development of the green area and restoration of the water body and will also be included in the decision-making process.

  • A hydrological survey of the water body has been initiated. Results are awaited.

Tiffin project.jpg

Tiffins Project


May 2021
Details of the project
Slim Homes is promoting the use of steel containers/tiffins among those who are providing meals. This move will cut down the use of disposables markedly. We connect with Home Chefs and the like and give them steel Tiffins for free so as not to impact their businesses.
However, we are open to receiving donations. Almost all of the money received as donations has been used for buying clothes from the SH inventory. These were then donated to institutions like Earth Saviours and Orphanage.

Our Roadmap

So far we have distributed 100 tiffins and about 20 steel containers.

  • We need to create a Registry of people and their requirements for steel Tiffins/ containers, as well as Donors for this project.

  • We will be targeting food delivery services to offices next.

  • We need to widen the awareness of the menace of plastic waste/disposables.




21 December 2021

Details of the project

Slim Homes is launching a K2K( Kid to Kid) program, whereby babies/ infants/toddlers share their appliances, toys, cribs, strollers, tricycles, car seats, etc.

This would de-clutter the home and allow a good rotation of toys without having to spend much money. 

In doing so,  these little people can avail of the best, in the best interest of the Environment, and they can be a part of a circular Economy from before they are knee-high to a grasshopper!

Our Roadmap
We have created an active whatsapp group where parents can join and use this group-chat as a common platform to exchange second hand toys/clothes etc. Visit our IG page to know more on how this works 

cloth bags.png

Anti SUP- Cloth Bags 


June 2021

Strategic partners
1. Rangeen Dhaage
2. Jahnvi Apparels

Details of the project

Abiding by the principles of Reuse Repurpose Reinvent, Slim Homes is making cloth bags. 
Our aim is to limit dependency on Single-Use Plastics and move towards more sustainable ways of living.  In furtherance of this, we are on a drive to provide small local grocery shops with cloth bags. These bags are made of old fabric like old linen, cushion covers, upholstery, etc, much of which was donated to us. We gave the fabric to an organization 'Rangeen Dhaage' & Janhvi Apparels who stitched the bags for us. 

Our Impact

To date, we have distributed 650 cloth bags amongst Shopkeepers and Shoppers 

A total of 820 bags have been stitched by our Strategic Partners as well as homemakers like wives of our Carpenters, Drivers, etc. This also provided them with a source of income for a while.

Ongoing Project
Projects: What We Do
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