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Waste Segregation& Composting program

According to the estimates of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Delhi generates about 8,700 tonnes per day of solid waste as of 2019. Official estimates predict that in five years the waste produced by the city will almost double to 18,000 tonnes a day.


Waste Segregation was kick-started by Slim Homes in Sector D3/4 of Vasant Kunj on 15th August 2018, and we continue to be deeply motivated towards ensuring 100% segregation.

Strategic Partners

Well-being Out of Waste (WOW)

Swayam Swachatta Initiative Limited (SSIL)

Details of project

Residents are recommended to segregate their waste. Pits are dug in 5 areas where the wet waste segregated at source by the Householders is put to compost by the gardeners. Field workers from WOW, and currently SSIL, have been shadowing the waste collectors, in order to check the gaps in the process. The shadowing began on 19th October 2019 when Slim Homes collaborated with WOW. WOW officials follow the waste collectors throughout the process- from the point of collection at homes to the point at which the wet waste is put into the pits. In October 2020, South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) installed 2 Composters in Sectors D-3/D-4.

In South City 1 of Gurgaon, 2 pilot projects of community composting have been kick started in Blocks B & D.

Our Impact

  • The percentage of householders segregating waste at source, has risen to more than 80% in Sectors D-3/D-4. (~750 occupied flats)

  • The compost formed is being used in the common parks and it may also be given to Residents. Although COVID-19 put a spoke in the waste management efforts, we are back on track with renewed force with SSIL onboard.

  • Post the setback on account of Covid-19, we now have SSIL on board our Waste Segregation & Composting program. Their field workers are now tracking the waste pickers. They have also put 2 Composters in the colony and fines will be imposed for non-compliance.

  • Following an awareness talk held on Oct 2020, the RWA of C-9, Vasant Kunj ~900 flats, also wants to engage in community composting. Awareness programs for these Residents are scheduled in the coming weeks.

Waste Segregation& Composting program: What We Do
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