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Mini Urban Forest (Laghu Van)


8th March 2020

Strategic Partners

Ms LatikaThukral of IAMGURGAON

Mr Sohail Madan, an Ecologist at Bombay Natural History Society

Details of project

To contribute to increasing the green cover and making South City 1, Gurgaon, a beautiful and a rejuvenating place, Slim Homes participated in the project to create a mini urban forest in B- Block of South City 1. On the 14th of March 2020, the seeds of a mini Urban Forest started taking root when Ms LatikaThukral (of IAMGURGAON) visited us in B Block of South City 1. The layout of the forest was planned on 13th of August by Mr. Sohail Madan, and an area of ~3000 sq. feet was fenced off from the adjacent plots. He, along with Botanist, Ms. Anita Rathee, helped curate an inventory of native plants from the Biodiversity Park Nursery as well as from the local nursery. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, it could not move forward.

Our Impact

  • On 15th August, the residents of the society along with Slim Homes, decided to forcefully declare independence from pollution, garbage, and filth by planting around 115 saplings to create a mini Forest. 

  • As of now all the sapling have taken root and are being nurtured by a ‘ Maali’ and their progress is being closely monitored by the Residents, who are invested in the Forest.

Mini Urban Forest (Laghu Van): What We Do
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