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6th June 2020

Strategic Partners​

Prakhil Greens plant supplier

Cut & Style Salon in South City 1 Gurgaon

Roots salon in Vasant Kunj, Delhi


Details of project

Slim Homes’ endeavour to promote environment friendly and sustainable living, is embodied in our venture to start a Nursery. It is said, “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness” – but we can start small and help nurse our planet back to good health. Slim Homes has 2 Nurseries in the premises of two Salons, one each in Delhi and Gurgaon. The Clients are encouraged to make an investment in Earth by taking our little saplings (sapling list as per below) home and contributing a little of their pockets towards our vision of seeing a greener planet. Plastic containers such as those of yoghurts, ice creams and takeaway food were re-used to pot the saplings in order to create a garden movement across South City 1, Gurugram

Our Impact

We are creating an awareness among Residents, about the importance of plants as part of the ecosystem. Having them adopt saplings re-enforces this concept.

List of plants

  1. Chilli

  2. Aloe vera

  3. Mint

  4. Mexican Daisy

  5. “Sadabahar”

  6. Petunia

  7. Lemongrass

  8. Basil

  9. “Karri-patta”

  10. “Ajwain”

Nursery: Service
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