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How it all began

On 1st September 2017, a large portion of the oldest landfill in Delhi, the Ghazipur landfill collapsed killing two people and washing away 4 vehicles. Somehow, each one of us had a hand in that senseless tragedy. After all, did we know where the waste generated in our homes, eventually landed up? 

Thus, was born the idea of ‘Slim Homes’, whereby each individual could take credit for and have a hand in healing our environment. We aim to promote secondhand and eco-friendly living.

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About Us: About Us
Stone Builder

Cornerstones of SlimHomes

About Us: Programs
CS 1 Reuse etc.png

Reuse, Recycle and Reduce

To minimize the use of Single-use-plastic, and overall recycle and reduce the everyday things we use.

CS 2 Preserve.png

Restoring & Preserving Natural Resources

To help maintain the green around us and restore environmental balance of nature.

CS 3 Consumerism.png

To look past excessive consumerism

Adopt the idea of buying and using environmentally friendly products in our day to day life.

CS 4 Awareness.png

Slim Homes, as a way of life

Ideas of reaching out, reusing, recycling and re-inventing by spreading the tenets of Slim Homes.

Our Vision

To build a sustainable India where every citizen manage his or her waste responsibly


Where the streets are clean and the countryside green,
Where the air is pure & not polluted by factories spewing smoke into the atmosphere;
Where trees rise tall from the depths of the Earth;
Where rippling rivers stretch their arms towards the blue oceans;
Where dirty streams of factory effluent and sewage have not found  their way into the hearts of civilization
Where the mind is led forward by thee into a life of balance with its ecological cousins;
Where garbage mounds are not mountainous landforms;
Where garbage mounds are not mountainous landforms;
Where Earth is not plundered and ravaged;
Where our submerged consciousness raises its head towards mindfulness;
In that heaven of existential harmony, we want our world to be

About Us: What We Do

Our Logo

“Your Home Is Living Space, Not Storage Space” – Francine Jay.

At Slim Homes we hope to minimize consumerism and reclaim living space in our homes. The narrow house of Amsterdam in our logo embodies our mission of creating simple and sustainable homes. The Planet is the only home we have and it is a natural corollary that we must to keep it clean.

About Us: Who We Are
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