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Our Fundraising Efforts

Slim Homes holds Garage Sales of pre-owned items across Vasant Kunj and Gurgaon region through the year to raise funds. More recently Slim Homes has also engaged in sale of masks at subsidized rates to augment the fundraising efforts.

Fundraising Initiatives: What We Do

Motivation for holding Garage Sales

We feel that Garage Sales of pre-owned items allows for a more inclusive participation by society towards bettering our environment.

  • The proceeds from the sales are used to further our projects.

  • Secondly, this avenue of fundraising helps to underscore the ethos of Slim Homes which is "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Re-invent".

  • Lastly, it encourages people to de-clutter their homes.


Why we think its effective

  • Garage Sales serve as awareness programs as well as they create a desire to de clutter, re use and recycle.

  • Sensitization towards environmental issues.

  • Simplicity makes it easy for anyone to be part of the initiative.

Our Process.png

Process and setup involved

  • The setting up of Garage Sales is a step by step process.​

  • Holding Collection Drives/donation to single source points

  • Segregation of donated items into various categories 

  • Ensuring discounted pricing

  • Selection of Date & Venue of the Sale and getting necessary permissions.

  • Advertisement of the Sale – primarily via word of mouth and posters/fliers

  • Coordinating with a Tenthouse to set up Counters

  • Organizing a Team to man the Counters

  • Conducting the Sale and handling of Cashflow/Audit

Our challenges.png

Our Main Challenges

  • Sorting through the donated items and weeding out the items which are in a non-saleable condition

  • Segregation of the items into the various categories 

  • Storage issues because of space constraints 

  • In Covid times, holding Sales as we had been doing , is prohibitory, hence the logistics need to be re worked

Volunteer Group

Funding Specifics


Across Regions

Sales held in Vasant Kunj and Gurgaon Region in wet markets, Schools, Clubs etc.

Money Raised.png

Avg. Amount Raised per Sale

Slim Homes raises Rs. 5,000-8,000 in a single session spanning ~2-3 hours


Frequency of Sales

Pre-Covid, sales were held as often as 1 in 8 weeks


Average Footfall

We attract 30-50 people per Garage Sale, many of which are repeat customers


Customer Demographic

Since we have a wide range of items, we have found buyers across all socio economic groups. Also, the buyers span all age groups for the same reason.

Fundraising Initiatives: Get Involved

What do we Sell?

We take in used items as donations from individuals, schools, NGOs to sell in our Garage Sales. We broadly categorize our items as per the below and try our best to weed out anything that is not in usable condition.

Indian Women wear

Avg. Price: Rs. 300/-

We get donations in the form of "Saris", "Lehengas", "Kurtis" and sometimes even "Designer Saris" and unstitched suit fabric which can be brand new. We sell these items at discounted rates of up to 50% original price.

Western Women wear

Avg. Price: Rs. 200/-

We get donations in the form of Jeans, skirts, shorts, jackets, stoles etc, often time even brand new. We sell these items at discounted rates of up to 50% original price.

Men's Clothes

Avg. Price: Rs. 200/-

We receive donations in the form of both Indian & Wester wear. "Kurtas", Jeans, shorts, shirts, jackets and even suits (2 & 3 piece). We sell these at average discounted prices up to 50%


Avg. Price: Rs. 100/-

We get donations in the form of paperback books usually. Some hardcover books as well find their way in. Rates are discounted up to 70% depending on the condition of the book.


Avg. Price: Rs. 100/-

We receive bowls, glasses, mugs, jugs and often times dinner sets as well. Rates are discounted by up to 30-40%.

Fundraising Initiatives: List

Some of our re-used items 

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Fundraising Initiatives: Text
Fundraising Initiatives: Pro Gallery
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