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Our Awareness Talks & Campaigns

Where/When: 18th February 2018 at the Community Centre of D-3/4 Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Speakers: Environmentalist and Founder of Shield Citizen’s Initiative, Ranju Minhas

Audience: 60 Residents of D-3/4 Vasant Kunj

Key Discussion: Ranju Minhas, shared methods and techniques to compost kitchen waste, whether at home or at the Community level. The audience was quite receptive to the idea though the logistics of waste segregation and composting posed a challenge.

Key Achievement: After several meetings with the RWA and the Garbage pickers, a system was put in place. To begin with a training programme was held for the Garbage collectors which was then followed up by a refresher course on the 18th of May 2019. The training was conducted by officials from SSIL. Leaflets on handling and segregation of household waste were distributed to all the households. The result was that on 15th August 2018, the Secretary of the D-3/4 Vasant Kunj RWA, formally launched the Waste Segregation & Composting program, at the gathering for the hoisting of our National Flag.


Where/When: 27th September 2019 at Vasant Valley School, Delhi.

Speakers: Dr Savita Nagpal

Audience: Over 100 teaching and non-teaching staff members.

Key Discussion: The high point of this meeting was the Power Point Presentation made by Dr Savita Nagpal. It worked on two levels, and clearly made a huge impact of the entire audience. First, Dr Nagpal backed every statement appealing to the urgency and the need to de-construct the landfills with ample data about the impact that this form of garbage disposal was having on the health and well-being of the community. There were statistics to back the claims of the adverse effect of ground water contaminated by leaching of harmful elements into the soil, and eventually the ground water beneath. There was an impactful display of photographs demonstrating the sheer impossibility of continually piling already over-full garbage sites even higher. The presentation ended with an emotional appeal of photographs of children, displayed while appropriate music was the background accompaniment. The audience were silent and thoughtful following this presentation.


Where/When: 22nd November 2019 at The Sixth Element School, Gurgaon.

Speakers: Dr. Savita Nagpal and representatives from ITC’s Wellbeing Out of Waste (WOW)

Audience: 20-25 residents from different blocks of South City 1, as well as teachers of The Sixth Element School.

Key Discussion: The talk was on Waste management & Composting. Mr Virendra Gupta, the Secretary of the South City 1 RWA highlighted the problems faced by South City 1 with regard to Eco Green, the Waste Management facility.

He also said that he was impressed with the pilot project of Pit Composting being done in one lane of B Block, and that it needed to be replicated in other Blocks .

Key Achievements: Audience was sensitized to the issue of the menace created by the garbage we produce.

 They got aware of their own responsibility. They also learnt the use of segregation and up cycling of plastic waste


Where/When: 15th December 2019 at the Park adjacent to B84, the RWA office

Speakers: Mr Madhusudan Hanumappa, (Senior Consultant, E Sree Foundation), 
Dr Ruby Makhija (Secretary of the NavjivanVihar RWA), 
Mr Rao (Trainer for composting), 
Mr Rasool Khan (Director of K.K. Plastic Waste Management Limited)

Audience: 30 residents from different blocks of South City-1 Gurgaon amongst whom was the President of the South City -1 RWA.

Key Discussion: The feasibility of waste segregation and composting, was explained and personal experiences were shared. Awareness was created regarding the importance of Segregation of Waste at the Source (SWAS)

Key Achievement: A group was formed, called “Kachre pe Vaar” and has been working successfully since January 2020, in the project of segregation of plastic waste and its journey towards road construction.


Where/When: 8th March 2020 atD-64 South City-1, Gurgaon. 

Speakers: Dr Savita Nagpal

Audience: 12 people, with an age group spanning grandchildren and grandparents from different blocks of South City-1 Gurgaon.

Key Discussion: The main thrust of the Speaker, Dr. Savita Nagpal, was to encourage the residents to start composting their wet waste. One member of the audience said that the talk proved to be an eye-opener for him. He said that people knew things but needed to be constantly reminded of them.


Where/When: Online Zoom meeting on 1st October 2020. 

Speakers: Dr Savita Nagpal

Audience: ~20 residents from all over India

Key Discussion: The feasibility and importance of waste segregation and composting, 

Awareness was created regarding the importance of Segregation of Waste at the Source (SWAS) 

Key Achievement: 1. People got interested in composting and requested for a video to be made/ shared on “ Home composting “, and the needful was done soon after.
2. C9 Sector of Vasant Kunj got charged about Community composting and proceedings are afoot in that direction .


Where/When: Online awareness program on 16september2020 on the occasion of International day for preservation of Ozone layer. 

Speakers: Dr Savita Nagpal

Audience: 60 students & Staff of ECO club in association with Botany Department of the Govt. College for Girls, Sector-14, Gurugram (122001)

Key Discussion: The talk was on “Handling of our waste-need of Hour”

The interactive session helped the students to learn about preserving the environment through proper waste management.

Key Achievement: All the students appreciated and got benefitted from the views on the subject. They are looking  forward to further interactions in the future as well. 

They got encouraged to segregate waste effectively at their homes/ hostel.


Where/When: 4th Feb 2020 Vasant Valley School
Speaker: Dr Savita Nagpal
Audience: 100 students of Class XII VVS

Key Discussion: The dire need and feasibility of waste segregation and composting, was explained and personal experiences were shared .

Awareness was created regarding the importance of Segregation of Waste at the Source (SWAS) 

Key Achievement: The Students left in a thoughtful mood with the message and awareness about the importance of taking responsibility for the Waste each one of them generates. Children being the harbingers of change, this was an achievement in itself

Waste Segregation: What We Do
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