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Tackling the Issue

Slim Homes, with the support of the D-3/4 Vasant Kunj RWA, organized an ECOFEST which was held at the D3/4 Community Centre, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi on 31st August 2019.

The list of Participants at the ECOFEST included:

  • Swayam Swachatta Initiative Limited (SSIL)

  • Feeding India.

  • Whole Foods

  • Re-inventing Plastic

  • Slim Homes

  • Shield Citizens initiative

  • From Rags to Bags & more

  • Earth Supporters

  • Eco Roots Foundation

Each of the 9 Participants manned a Station; and the Residents were free to circulate among them, leading to a vibrant and interactive session. People were excited about the information they gained and the practical and innovative ideas they absorbed regarding waste segregation and composting, recycling and upcycling plastic and old clothes, as well as learning how to make ‘seed bombs’.

Awareness was also created about the need to get the house sparrows back. Feeding India and Whole Foods sensitised people about healthy eating and the urgent need to utilise and share food left over from our homes and large community events.

Slim Homes, reinforced its ethos and commitment to the Environment, thereby triggering an increased responsiveness from a wider section of people. The children who attended the ECOFEST seemed to be fired by a desire to do their bit to save the Earth from the choking clutches of plastic and other Waste and to nurture back the vanishing forests.

​We got positive and encouraging feedback in our Comments Diary which was placed at the Exit. Participants were awarded Certificates and were presented with a potted plant each. All those who visited the ECOFEST were given seed/ newspaper pencils as take-aways.

Ecofest 2019: Programs
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